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Date : 21/05/2019

  1. Approval of minutes of previous meeting 05/03/2019.
  2. Decision about transaction of college accounts.
  3. Approval of 10% increment in annual fees of all classes except BCA.
  4. Approval about printing of prospectus.
  5. Approval about appointment of Adhoc Teaching staff for 2019-20.
  6. Approval about installation of CCTV Camera.
  7. Approval about increment in salary of staff.

Date : 03/10/2019

  1. Approval of minutes of previous meeting 21/05/2019.
  2. Approval of estimated budget of 2019-20.
  3. Approval of audit report of financial year 2018-19.
  4. Approval of repairing of library.
  5. Approval of advertising post of Asst. Professor for Physics – 01 Post, Maths – 01 Post, Zoology-01 Post, Computer – 02 Post, Commerce – 02 Post under section 28 of college code Pt. Ravishankar Shukla University, Raipur.
  6. Approval of installation of air condition in staff room.
  7. Discussion about electrical problems and approval of maintenance and recruitment of regular electrician.
  8. Discussion about PhD increment proposal of staff representative and decided to present report about this matter for decision.
  9. Approval of repairing and renovation of laboratories.

Date : 28/01/2020

  1. Approval of minutes of previous meeting 03/10/2019.
  2. Approval of gratuity provision for regular staff of institute according to gratuity act.
  3. Approval of ESIC inspection report and penalty of Rs. 31239.00. It is decided that EPF and ESIC provision will be made for all staff of institute.
  4. Approval of expenses for library renovation.
  5. Approval of withdrawal of Rs. 10000 for imprest account of institute to meet out petty expenses.
  6. Approval of change in transaction system of bank.
  7. Approval of transfer of Rs. 10,00000 to management for tax payment.
  8. Approval of increment in fees from upcoming academic session. 

Date : 23/01/2021

  1. Approval of minutes of previous meeting 28/01/2020.
  2. Approval of admission number of students for session 2020-21 and approval of annual results of all classes.
  3. Approval of increment for annual fees for all classes for session 2020-21.
  4. Approval of audit report of financial year 2019-20.
  5. Approval of estimated budget of financial year 2020-21.
  6. Approval of appointment of adhoc staff for session 2020-21 and permission for taking classes from home and approval of salary for adhoc staff.
  7. Approval of verification of service books and pay fixation from local audit of regular staff beneficiary of salary and allowances grant.
  8. Approval of formation of committee for framing medical and earn leave rule.
  9. Approval of recovery of difference amount of grant salary of Dr. Megha Agrawal and Dr. Vandana Agrawal and approval of authorizing Principal as OIC for Writ Petition of Dr. Megha Agrawal in High Court.
  10. Approval of adding signature of governing body President Shri Ajay Tiwari in transaction of all bank accounts and FDs of college.
  11. Approval of online payments of college after approved by authorities.
  12. Approval of consultancy fees of KAAP & Company for accounting work of college.
  13. Approval of regularization of probation period of Dr. Simran R. Verma, Asst. Professor (English).
  14. Approval of library purchasing for session 2020-21.
  15. Approval of trustees for gratuity trust deed.
  16. It is decided unanimously that due to pandemic financial management is affected so increment in a salary of regular staff will be postpone for next year.